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Expanding our sphere of impact

Most of us can commit to being fully present for our loved ones – ensuring in our time with them we are truly with them in each moment, nurturing deep connection, rather than distracted by the broader demands of life/work. Most of us can probably hold a line of living in the present whilst course...

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Holding steady toward a higher vision

In business we sometimes consider things like the vision and goals of the organisation, asking ourselves what are we aspiring to? A well crafted vision provides a glimpse of the destination. Glimpse because often a vision can feel a little out of reach or hard to express in truly concrete terms. Microsoft’s vision to put...

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Connecting with the courageous heart

Throughout history we have wonderful examples of leaders doing the right thing – Lincoln’s abolition of slavery, Gandhi’s peaceful standing of ground, Martin Luther King Jr’s push for civil rights, Rosa Parks too, and Mandela’s bringing together a fractured nation. You will no doubt have your own inspiring examples. More recently in the business world...

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Tapping into knowing

When we’re challenged by life circumstances, whether the problems are ours or have wider impact, we might find ourselves wishing for divine intervention without any real belief that can happen though the world could do with a dose right now. Yet that ‘divine intervention’ in the form of a higher wisdom is down to us...

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Cutting out the noise of other

Life comprises light and shade and greyer stuff in between. We need this contrast for how would we recognise joy without experiencing the opposite. And yet contrast has become something far more challenging. We can see this in conventional media with often vastly different and usually negative takes on the same story, and in the...

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Stepping up compassion

We often confuse compassion with empathy yet they are different. Of course empathy is really important if we are to stand any chance of being in real relationship with another. Our ability to suspend judgement and assumption, to connect and to have a felt sense of the other person’s world however incomplete, enables us to...

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What am I here for?

There are times when many of us will wonder what we are doing here in the mundanity of the small setbacks that life throws at us. Generally, it’s a fleeting and casual enquiry provoked by feeling sorry for ourselves. If we go deeper though ‘what am I here for?’ sits at the heart of our...

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Dropping the drama

In a world where there is so much conflict, and increasingly so, it is understandable that we may feel hemmed in, surrounded, by drama. In this state the insignificant irritations and challenges of our everyday become magnified, taking on a dramatic significance of which they are unworthy. Unwittingly or unintentionally we may be adding to...

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