Creating Conscious Organisations
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Tapping into knowing

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When we’re challenged by life circumstances, whether the problems are ours or have wider impact, we might find ourselves wishing for divine intervention without any real belief that can happen though the world could do with a dose right now. Yet that ‘divine intervention’ in the form of a higher wisdom is down to us and available to us if we choose to open ourselves to it.

Of course, we can’t simply dial in when the going’s a little tough and when it suits. Though we can have a flash of ‘knowing’ unbidden at times – that moment when we just know – it takes a little more to tune in to this powerful resource. Taking time to reflect quietly, rather than ruminate, on what’s confronting us is a good start and can connect us with a different perspective and, perhaps, wiser or at least different choices.

But if we really want to connect to our ‘knowing’ – a deeper and higher order of wisdom that we might call a universal wisdom – then we need put the effort in. In building our practice of reflection, committing to regular meditation, training our instrument, we’ll begin to experience something different coming through.

And though the subtle signs and impressions we receive may not make sense at first, if we place our trust in what comes through little by little we will build our ability to interpret and to elevate our perspective, freeing us to be of positive service in the world rather than blunted by challenge.