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What am I here for?

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There are times when many of us will wonder what we are doing here in the mundanity of the small setbacks that life throws at us. Generally, it’s a fleeting and casual enquiry provoked by feeling sorry for ourselves.

If we go deeper though ‘what am I here for?’ sits at the heart of our human existence. And at the heart of this existential question is purpose.

Surely our purpose is to be the best version of ourselves and to give rather than to get…to use the unique soul gift each of us possesses in service of building a better world for all.

An essential part of our human journey is to uncover and polish that soul gift and to find an outlet for it in our service – whether that’s in our paid work or other contexts – in a way that makes a positive difference.

Often being ‘on purpose’ is measured by how much we love what we’re doing – we can feel the deep connection and alignment with our soul and a certain fearlessness in our being. Yet this flame of connection may flicker and falter when we’re caught up in the more prosaic elements of daily life.

Being truly on purpose, bringing our best selves with constancy, requires us to infuse all that we do with love, however ordinary the task may be. That energy of love radiates, touches all around us and uplifts adding, in each moment, to a better world.

Fulfilling our purpose of being our best selves in service of our world.