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Cutting out the noise of other

Life comprises light and shade and greyer stuff in between. We need this contrast for how would we recognise joy without experiencing the opposite. And yet contrast has become something far more challenging. We can see this in conventional media with often vastly different and usually negative takes on the same story, and in the...

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What am I here for?

There are times when many of us will wonder what we are doing here in the mundanity of the small setbacks that life throws at us. Generally, it’s a fleeting and casual enquiry provoked by feeling sorry for ourselves. If we go deeper though ‘what am I here for?’ sits at the heart of our...

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Dropping the drama

In a world where there is so much conflict, and increasingly so, it is understandable that we may feel hemmed in, surrounded, by drama. In this state the insignificant irritations and challenges of our everyday become magnified, taking on a dramatic significance of which they are unworthy. Unwittingly or unintentionally we may be adding to...

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Turning up the volume on the ‘inaudible’

‘Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfilment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.’ Martin Luther King Jr In our full on and seemingly broken world it can be immensely difficult to listen to our heart,...

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Choosing to ripple

Against the immensity of world events setting our own intentions to serving a greater good, to the building of a better world for all may seem inconsequential and, perhaps, rather pointless. We may question how, as one person, we can make any positive difference to the state of our world, to influencing it for the...

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Charging our inner Sat Nav

When we think about finding our way, of having the right directions we may think of Sat Nav or Google maps. If we’re old school we might be drawn to maps and atlases. Hopefully we’ll have a bit of a sense of direction and a little bit of luck too. Yet there’s something deeper and...

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Showing up whole

Given the challenges facing our world each of us showing up whole, reporting for duty if you like, and bringing our full awareness and positive intention to all that we do in our daily lives is a must. Though we may be nodding our heads here, silently thinking of course, there are many obstacles. The...

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Our spark and our flame

Down the ages we have seen seemingly impossible feats achieved, immense tides turned to flow in a more positive direction, hatred, violence and division move into a space of forgiveness and reconciliation. Lincoln’s abolition of slavery, the defeat of Nazism, the ending of apartheid in South Africa, the peace process in Northern Ireland are just...

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