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Holding steady toward a higher vision

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In business we sometimes consider things like the vision and goals of the organisation, asking ourselves what are we aspiring to? A well crafted vision provides a glimpse of the destination. Glimpse because often a vision can feel a little out of reach or hard to express in truly concrete terms.

Microsoft’s vision to put a personal computer in every home was quite concrete and ultimately achieved though not alone of course. Holding a vision of ‘a better world for all’, feels both clear and vague simultaneously. We each can have a felt sense but when seeking to articulate the specifics we may each bring different elements and factors forward.

A key underpinning practice in realising a vision is our ability to hold clear and steady intent. To cultivate a living relationship with the dimensions of the vision and nurture it, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Holding steady in our intent means recognising the evolving nature of the vision as its layers unfold and reveal themselves, and being willing and able to adapt our actions whilst not losing faith in the vision.

Nurturing is a practice. Holding steady our intent in meditation and focused reflection helps us to notice the signs that emerge to help us adapt and adjust. We may sense these, we may see them, we may think them…the signs will emerge as we hold our steadiness.

As leaders we are called to help people coalesce around a common purpose supported by a powerful vision. Both exist and manifest over the long term meaning we must hold fast for the longhaul too.

Building a better world for all sadly won’t be achieved overnight….but maybe it will be brought into reality more quickly if we unify and hold steady in our intention allowing that to inform our behaviour, action and impacts.