Creating Conscious Organisations
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The exponential value of being fully present

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Have you ever thought about what it means to be fully aware and ‘awake’ in every moment? To be so connected to how you are showing up, what you are sensing from others and what else is moving in the surrounding energy field’.

This is of course a big ask and we might say only the most highly developed people are truly able to achieve something close to that. But what if we choose to start to pay attention and be more conscious of the interplay between our own state and that of others and the collective.

First and foremost, it would require us to make that choice to pay attention to our own state and this isn’t about becoming self-centred but self-aware. It means choosing to be open and honest with ourselves about inner and outer distractions that may be preventing our best selves to come into the situation, the conversation, the relationship and so on. We can become aware on the emotional level, how are we feeling, what lies below the practised mask of ‘I’m ok thanks’. We can also become aware on the more subtle level of energy. What am I sensing within me? Noticing what questions or considerations are arising that might be important, useful, vital even, in this moment.

Beyond that as we fine tune our own instrument and its impacts on others and the situation, we can then also start to use that instrument to pay attention to how others are showing up. And now we start to change the quality of our collective interactions.

The power of each person being fully attuned to their own quality of presence as well as developing their instrument for sensing – how am I/how are we showing up in this moment – is that it facilitates a more true and real foundation on which to go forward to the next moment, which likely includes some form of problem solving or exploration of ideas and possibilities. We become more creative in the higher sense of that word. We become more likely to be of service to each other and the higher goals.

Put simply, if I’m truly present in the here and now with all of my awareness I am more likely to bring my best contribution. Multiply that by everyone in the conversation and watch how the quality of the dialogue improves exponentially.