Creating Conscious Organisations
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Expanding our sphere of impact

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Most of us can commit to being fully present for our loved ones – ensuring in our time with them we are truly with them in each moment, nurturing deep connection, rather than distracted by the broader demands of life/work.

Most of us can probably hold a line of living in the present whilst course correcting when we find ourselves drifting to the ‘it was better when’ thinking on the past or it ‘will be better when’ anticipation of the future.

Yet the times we inhabit demand more of us – a broadening of our focus and attention without diminution of intensity or our full presence. To build a better world for all we must bring our deep attention to whoever we are with, to widening our circle of compassion to include all of the natural world (as Einstein suggested), and to holding in mind the impact of our actions on the future without getting drawn into ‘living’ there rather than here.

Perhaps this feels contradictory. All sages suggest the only moment in which we exist and where we must be present is this one. of course that’s true and yet what we do now ripples out into the future, affecting others, our world, positively or otherwise.

By holding our awareness at the level of greatest good for all in every moment, bringing our heart and soul into all that we do, mindfully, we can shape that positive future. It’s a service we can all commit to and a commitment we surely must make.