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A better world beyond our ‘little’ knowing

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We can spend our lives living with what we know…the concrete stuff we can see in front and around us, events we are a part of, all overlaid with the filter of our experience.

And yet we know there’s a bigger world out there. One in which our experience and interpretation of an event will be viewed and interpreted vastly differently, often in polar opposite terms, by someone else. It’s the stuff of conflict and division both on our very local ground and in the division and conflict we see across the world.

So we need to transcend our ‘little’ knowing, to zoom out, starting to see and interpret the world kaleidoscopically, refining our ability to access a much higher order of knowing.

In meditation we can start to tune in to this deeper and higher knowing, this more universal wisdom. Slowly at first, impressions, insights and intuitions begin to reach us, flowing more strongly as our practice deepens and we connect from our centre of stillness and calm.

These gifts enable us to see, experience and act differently in our outer life. To appreciate the many facets of an event, the beauty inherent, and the interconnectedness of things. And from this higher perspective we are able to synthesise greater understanding and more powerful action in service of right relationship and creating a better world.