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Business for a better world
Conscious Leaders - Our Work

The Work

Building a better world for all through business We are organisational development futurists and conscious leadership practitioners, committed to supporting leaders focused on creating organisations determined to build a better world for all; leaders who want to play an active and conscious part in humanity’s evolution and the sustainability of the planet. We have spent...

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Conscious Leaders - What we do

What we do

We support Conscious Organisations, Leaders and Teams.    We are Organisational Development consultants offering support in becoming a Conscious Organisation, Leader or Team. We create and deliver organisational, leadership and team development programmes as well as Conscious Leadership retreats, working groups and interactive discussion forums. We support our work with blogs , books, podcasts and other...

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Qualities and Principles

Principles and Qualities

5 core consciousness principles and leadership qualities We work with 5 core principles of consciousness and 5 core leadership qualities. We integrate contemporary and emerging business practises such as creating value for the greater good, committing to social purpose, embracing interconnectedness and integrating new economic principles. Consciousness principles  Leadership qualities

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Business for a better world

The Challenge

We are committed… …to supporting leaders focused on creating a better world through conscious organisations. Our Purpose is to help leaders reimagine and transform the role of business for the greater good of humanity. As leaders, we need to deepen and elevate our perspective which can only come from a willingness to notice, value, and...

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Conscious Leaders - Our Vision

Our Vision

We see a world where… …Businesses and organisations of all denominations are a healthy and positive force for good within humanity’s journey.…The leaders in those businesses and organisations lead from a place of higher, deeper conscious awareness.…The focus of the organisation is deeply connected to a higher sense of Purpose.…Business economics are rooted in holistic sustainability and well-being for...

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