Creating Conscious Organisations
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Business for a better world

Principles and Qualities

At the heart of our work, five principles and five leadership qualities provide the blueprint for bringing your Conscious Leadership into powerful practice.
Qualities and Principles

5 core consciousness principles and leadership qualities

We work with 5 core principles of consciousness and 5 core leadership qualities. We integrate contemporary and emerging business practises such as creating value for the greater good, committing to social purpose, embracing interconnectedness and integrating new economic principles.

Consciousness principles 

Greater good - it's about more than you
Interdependence - we are all one
Economy - it's way more than money.
Consciousness - you do have a soul
Ethics and morality - More important than ever

Leadership qualities

Purpose - Is your North Star shining?
Heartful Leadership - What's love got to do with it?
Presence - I am fully here, right now
Knowing - There's more to life than facts
Intention - Turbo-charging our will to good.