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Working with the unexpected

Working with the unexpected
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Life seems like it’s full of curved balls at the moment…political upheaval, conflict in a part of the world where the peace has sustained for decades, a civilised nation refusing to curb gun ownership though mass shootings seem increasingly commonplace, and for individual citizens the challenges of prices spiralling upwards or being able to travel anywhere smoothly.

Our natural response as humans is to try to control, to contain. Yet in reality it can feel like we’re just hanging on. And yet each unexpected event is simply life flowing, inviting us to go with it.

To do so without fear, to work with what comes, requires a trust not only in our self but in the higher wisdom at play and directing all life. Connecting with this knowing requires us to cede control, to find, instead, our deep point of stillness within and to listen with our heart to what comes.

There we will find the courage to ride in the flow of life, the guidance to face each challenge with fortitude and the energy to move forward and upward with grace, actively playing our part in the cycle of creative life.