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Unity with the bigger picture

Unity with the bigger picture
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Wherever we turn we seem to be confronted by difficult news, by distressing things happening. Convulsions in our world, affecting people. We get sucked into the suffering on a micro-scale, our compassion focused on the single individual, family or small group affected and facing the challenge.

Appreciation of a bigger picture – a world re-forming through this current disintegration of old, redundant ways, outmoded institutions and the like – can be hard to come by as the detail of life fills our vision and our heart.

Nurturing our ability to extend compassion at the macro, as well as micro, level is needed. It’s a level of sight, or insight, that comes through our heartful connection to the unity and one-ness of all life.

If we can still the noise of the world around us through quiet contemplation. If we can unplug, just for a moment, from busy-ness, always on-ness and listen with our heart the massive shifts in our world reveal themselves.

We can ‘hear’ the roots of the old and unhelpful patterns being chopped away and new seeds sprouting, pushing their way through into new life. And, as uncomfortable as this cycle of death and birth may be connecting heart to heart with all life is both sustaining to us and energising this great renewal.