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Understanding the impact of our essential creativity

Understanding the impact of our essential creativity
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Humans are naturally and powerfully creative. Every thought, every action, every attitude contributes in some way to our collective reality. So often we assume we aren’t creative because we tend to associate it with the arts – painting, performing, writing and so on. In reality, just like nature itself, we are infinitely creative. Creativity is the act of bringing in something new or different from what was there before. It could be a food dish concocted from leftovers in the fridge. It could be the solution to an intransigent problem.

Admittedly some of us have more global impact than others and are able to have a bigger influence – Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Stephen Hawking and so many more well-known creators – accessing and sharing new thoughts, ideas, concepts.

So we could argue that paying attention to how and what we think might be important in the creativity process. We must consider the underpinning intention behind our words, our thoughts and attitudes. What do we want to impact and in what way? If we accept that we do impact so much more than we think – within our relationships, within our actions and inactions, that in fact we are co-creating our world, then wouldn’t we pay more attention to what intention sits beneath all of these.

Imagine then if we set the intention of creating joy in every situation no matter how challenging – how that might create different realities. We are all being invited to look inside at what we want for ourselves and our world and to set our intentions accordingly – and who knows, sooner rather than later, we might just create it. Ah, of course, we already are.