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Turning up our heartfulness

Turning up our heartfulness
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As each day brings us more difficult news about the state of our world it would be easy to withdraw, to hide, even to wither under the onslaught, especially if this is layered on top of more personal challenges in our daily lives.

Yet now, as never before, hiding isn’t an option. We need to step out and be fully present in our world, connecting with and through our heart with the rhythm of life. Drawing on our heartful courage to face what comes. Extending our compassionate heart to those around us. Turning up the flame of our heart to light the way for those who may be struggling.

If we really tune into our heart, dropping into its still and silent depths through deep reflection, we emerge with the ability to detect the wonder and beauty in everything. In doing so this fills us with the light and love that our world and fellow humanity so need to progress.