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Trusting our choice-making

Trusting our choice-making
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The subject of choice making is a challenging one because done well it requires us to step into accountability and responsibility for our choices. This can be emotionally challenging in situations where we may be feeling the onslaught of hurt, injustice, outrage, impotence, frustration and so on leaving us perhaps feeling like a victim. A victim that needs/wants the other(s) to change or to sort things out for us.

Our inner child, often wounded from the past, can find it hard to assume a position of balance and power in the face of the choices that confront us. Sometimes, it can genuinely feel like there is no choice.

The harsh reality though is that there is always a choice and there are always consequences of any choice – and as we know doing nothing is also a choice. If we are to stay in our power and harness that power to move toward better outcomes, personal or global, we must find our way into an objective space to see the options and choices for what they are. We then need to move to acceptance, genuine acceptance of the choice we have made (with its attendant consequences).

The world needs us to be in our power and to channel our clarity, balance, and connection with our heart. Powerful choices are underpinned by strong intentions. What impact are we seeking to have? What outcomes are needed? What step can we make now, even if it’s not the whole journey at once?

Yes, we may need to do some internal review and self-management to accept our emotions, accept the situation as it is and shift our mind-set. Yes, we may need to find new levels of maturity and wisdom. Once we do that, we can use the space to set new intentions and make new choices that take us a step closer to better.