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Trusting in life

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Trust. It’s such a small word for such a huge concept. Being clear with ourselves who and in what we trust is what helps us to navigate life – to work out where our safety and freedom lies, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Understanding our relationship with trust is also important. Knowing whether we are naturally trusting or on the more sceptical or ‘holding back’ end of the spectrum. It can feel like quite a dynamic tightrope the more we open ourselves up to new ideas and move away from the tried and tested concepts that have informed our life.

If all flows well, as we mature and expand our worldview we find that in fact the deepest relationship with trust that we can have is with ourselves. It’s an inner journey where we lean into the growing awareness that we have gathered over the course of relationships, experiences, growing knowledge and, of course, expansion of our consciousness.

And it’s as our consciousness expands, which we could consider as the coming together of our heart and mind, or will and love, that we find in fact that trust becomes an even deeper thing than we first thought of.

It’s no longer about transactional trust which we might characterise as ‘if you don’ let me down then I will continue to trust you’ – it’s not about that. It becomes about a much deeper sense of belief, and we might say, knowing. We find the boundaries of our self-trust growing, we find our connection with something bigger, a bigger pattern or science or essence that helps life to become something more than a transaction or a struggle. We see our place within the whole and trust in our ability to make good choices, to follow the best path for us and to stand out and up when needed.

As our self-trust and knowing grow we discover a relationship with hope, with love and with a deep confidence in the goodness of all things. And within that we start to trust that no matter how challenging things may be, there is goodness and beauty to be found.

This trust is a deep trust in life itself.