Creating Conscious Organisations
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The wisdom in the silence

The wisdom in the silence
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Are we on the right track? How do we know when the choice/decision we’ve made is the right one? And who for…is it serving us or something bigger?

The state of our world is asking that every day we seek to make choices that add positively to its spiritual fabric. Adding light to the thought life, the words spoken, the right use of resources respecting all creatures and the earth itself. This may sound either Pollyanna or somewhat lofty for the daily reality of life.

Any yet we can all contribute to creating a better world. That means elevating the choices we make, beyond the mundane to a higher level. And that requires us to look at the world from a different perspective, beyond our years of conditioning or our personal concerns and beyond the conventional data on which we generally draw.

Connecting with a knowing that is higher and deeper than our day-to-day sources is needed. We can find this inspiration in the quiet of our soul. Connect with it through deep reflection, through sitting with the stillness and listening, being alert to the impressions and signs that emerge in the silence.

When we tap into this resource we can start to feel a sense of rightness, of coming home. And when that feeling arises we may just be on the right track.