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The power of trust

The power of trust
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In these days of major shift, disturbance, emergence and reorganising at both a global level (possibly also Cosmic) and a local, close to home level we are called upon to examine our relationship with trust. What and whom do we trust as we are seeking to find our place of centredness and balance?

Some people are naturally trusting perhaps even to the point of naivete, others cynical or deeply mistrusting of many things, meaning that there can sometimes be an air of fear around them. So how do we find the right relationship with trust? What’s the higher point of synthesis between gullibility and cynicism, or a Pollyanna complex and deep-rooted fear? There are, of course, many points of synthesis and stages between these seeming polarities including curiosity, open-mindedness, healthy debate, discernment, experience, self-trust and many more.

One of the most powerful guides for us in the search for truth and trust lies in our willingness to open ourselves to a wider perspective. For sure on an intellectual level, understanding, gathering information and so on but this is only a small part of building that wider perspective. The other part comes from our willingness to open to something higher within ourselves. A deeper wisdom or ‘knowing’. We might call it intuition, we might call it wisdom, we might even call it the soul.

Regardless of the name it’s about our willingness to check in deeply with ourselves and go beyond the noise of the outer chaos and chatter – opening ourselves to a subtle, inner voice that never lets us down, always knows what to say to us and guides us toward equilibrium and insight of a different order. Accessing that inner voice requires us to stop, reflect, find space…the space within us to listen at a more powerful level…trusting ourselves and our higher self to know.

For the most part we will find that space within our heart as we discover the incredible power that the heart has to hold, contain and support all manner of chaos and uncertainty whilst offering us a stable and infinitely loving place to find our truth.