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The power of inner trust

The power of inner trust
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In these days of fake news, communication overload and deep uncertainty it is more vital than ever for each one of us to find that inner connection to our own truth in which we can place total trust. If we are to avoid getting hooked into, at best, anxiety and disorientation, and, at worst, fear and paranoia, we must cultivate our own inner compass.

A compass fostered by the willingness to find our way to the silence – the space of quiet and solitude where we can get some perspective. Perspective that shows us the beauty of our world, the joy and freedoms of the nature kingdom and the longevity of the mineral kingdom. Perspective that helps us to see that our own values and beliefs, how we engage with the world, are fundamental cornerstones for our experience of life – hopefully for the better.

The silence opens the gateway to a more peaceful and balanced centre where we can evaluate and discern more carefully, our true relationship with the world. Not just the visible, concrete world but also the more subtle and intuitive world. As we open to the silence, so we also open to our own truth and our ability to trust in our own sense of ‘knowing’. A ‘knowing’ that provides greater equilibrium, brings a sense of faith and hopefulness in life itself, and stabilises us in the maelstrom of a challenging external environment.