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The power of ‘being with’

The power of ‘being with’
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There’s a world of difference between ‘being with’ and ‘being there’. In the latter we can show up physically without being fully present. Our mind (attention), emotions, spirit may be somewhere else entirely.

Being with means we’re immersed wholly in each moment. Our visible and invisible aspects are aligned, fully connected to our environment – the micro and the macro. We are truly attending – listening and responding with all our senses. Communicating, communing not just through words and gestures, also forging an energetic connection that assures others of our presence, embracing them in our attention.

To be with we must first cultivate our ability to be with ourselves – to get to the heart of simply being rather than defining our existence by our social position, our standing at work, the material things we surround ourselves with, the busy-ness we pack into our time.

Being with ourselves comes from a deep meditative practice, from connecting with our inner stillness, silence, balance. From this pure state of connection we can move with composure in our outer world, bringing the presence that connects us to our fellow humanity and elevates relationship.

We can be with others with compassion and kindness in every fibre of our being. And, in being fully present, we’ll be contributing to the relationships that contribute to the creation of a better world.