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The meaning of events

The meaning of events
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So much happens in the course of a day, in our own lives, and in the world around us. The information coming at us on so many fronts – whether our own internal radar (thoughts and feelings) or externally – can, at times, feel overwhelming.

We may feel like we have little time to reflect, to synthesise, to connect more deeply with self and the higher knowing to which we have access, if we can step out of the noise and into stillness.

In that stillness we can move from the superficial acknowledgement and acceptance of, or reaction to, events – whether they’re personal or of the wider world – and into deeper exploration for meaning. In the superficial space logic kicks in, a rational explanation is sought. We compare with our experience.

If we cultivate the silence and stillness, though, and wait with patience a new and deeper sense can emerge. A sense that is perhaps drawn on an entirely different scale, that shows us our part in the tapestry of humanity and its relationship with the world.

The many seemingly random events are revealed as part of our system of all life, interconnected and interdependent. And in that meaningful picture that emerges we get to experience our self in a very different and expansive way, connected with and belonging in the whole.