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Tapping into optimism

Tapping into optimism
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Optimism in the face of the many challenges we see in the world around us can be in short supply. Even the more minor inconveniences we encounter in our daily lives can add to the sense of overwhelm.

So, we must look beyond the deluge of negative headlines and the distressing behaviours, practices and happenings they spotlight and seek out the seeds of hope and the bigger patterns that are emerging, even if they are less obvious to us.

At one level we can see our world disintegrating on so many fronts. If we elevate our perspective, though, maybe what we are experiencing is a crumbling of systems, beliefs and institutions that no longer serve, being replaced with the rumbling turbulence of new life and new ways breaking through.

We must not just acquiesce to this shifting but collaborate with it. Reconnecting with our individual purpose, the unique service we are here to pursue in creating a better world.

Introspection, deep reflection can help us connect with that purpose and more stable platform from which to move. And this allows us to tap into a higher perspective, seeing beyond the gloom to the newness emerging, replenishing our optimism and faith in a way that sustains us and those around us.