Creating Conscious Organisations
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Tapping into ‘full fat’ presence

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Do you recall those days at school when the register was taken and we’d all say ‘present Miss’ or something similar? Of course, we were only children and largely talking about our physical presence and nothing much more.

Hopefully as we’ve matured we’ve come to recognise the significance of bringing our whole selves to anything we’ve signed up for – be that a social event, a key project or a leadership role. Personal accountability is a major component of being fully present – recognising that only when we bring our full range of qualities and capabilities, are we playing our part with respect for ourselves and others.

And when we speak of our whole selves that means more than the physical, emotional and mental parts of ourselves. It means our spiritual or soul self too. In fact, when we are fully present with our higher self, our soul, we are far more likely to be contributing at a level of deep purpose and connection.

Full fat presence, with no part of our consciousness and awareness diverted is a heady and powerful thing. It facilitates a flow of energy, insight and love that ‘amps up’ not only our own contribution – spoken or silent – but also enriches the general field in which the exchange is taking place. Full, unadulterated presence is, dare we say it, a sacred thing because it conveys a level of commitment that is whole. Which in turn provides leadership at a whole other level of impact. Leadership that inspires others not only to join, to follow, to participate but also to lead for themselves.