Creating Conscious Organisations
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Small acts on purpose

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Influencing for the greater good can seem a lofty, distant aspiration for most of us. It may seem a far country that’s the province of those with great power or fame, and/or with seemingly god given talents, or perhaps those who’ve discovered their purpose, live it with a passion for, and dedication to, making things better for all.

We know, though, that personal purpose can be hard to pin down for many. Even with a practice of deep reflection finding our way to that ‘home’ can be a lifelong journey.

But what if ensuring that how we live and all we do is in service of creating a better world, no matter how infinitesimal the impact may seem. It might be extending kindness to all we meet, even in the briefest interactions. It may be acting with integrity, refusing to bend a principle that may make our lot more convenient and comfortable. It may be tending, carefully, our thoughts and words so we aren’t contributing to a climate of negativity.

In each of these and myriad other, seemingly small, acts we are making a difference to our fellow humanity and the planet. And isn’t that living on purpose, contributing to the creation of a better world for all?