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Silent leadership

Silent leadership
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When we speak of silence, we often imagine emptiness and no-thing-ness…absence and voids. In truth silence is a rich, creative and power-full space. Allowing ourselves to be in relationship with a deep peaceful silence enriches and energises. As we come into stillness and deepen our connection with the pulsing rhythm of our own heart and the heart of the planet we can become aware of a depth of resource that is both subtle and profound.

Apart from the healing qualities of being attuned to the heart of the planet leading to a deeper sense of calm and reduced stress levels, we can also touch into a creative and energising stream of awareness that fills the space with newness and freshness…a sense of possibility especially in some of the harder challenges facing us.

The more we practise being in this true silence, through meditation, or being in nature we start to build a container within us that can spontaneously receive new insights and new knowing. If we all spent more time leading from that place of quiet contemplation and knowing, imagine the quality of our thinking and our decision making. Imagine groups of leaders leading from the silence. The impact would be phenomenal as their peaceful foundation brought assurance and insights rather than a relentless pressure to do and act.

The doing would still happen…consciously underpinned by a deeper wisdom and calm.