Creating Conscious Organisations
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Showing up whole

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Given the challenges facing our world each of us showing up whole, reporting for duty if you like, and bringing our full awareness and positive intention to all that we do in our daily lives is a must. Though we may be nodding our heads here, silently thinking of course, there are many obstacles.

The daily deluge of new stuff – information, data, news, fiction masquerading as news – can provoke thoughts and emotions that take us over, swamp us, that isolate us from ourself and others and the good we can do

Others may encounter our façade, not us. We may be running on autopilot, in reactionary mode. In this state we’re neither serving ourselves, others or our increasingly stressed world in the way we need to – fully present and intentional in all that we do.

Switching off the ‘data stream’ isn’t possible or in our control unless we choose the hermit’s life. And doesn’t being a part of humanity confer a responsibility to contribute to creating a better world rather than avoiding it?

Our service begins with better cultivation of our inner world – that deep refection and stillness that enables us to detach from the ‘noise’ and recognise our thoughts and emotions as arising but not defining or controlling us and what we do next.

In refining this inner awareness our ability to be fully present in the world and with and for others transforms. Moreover, it assures a purity in our intentions and actions, however small, focusing them on a more positive future for people and planet.