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Shining from within

Shining from within
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When we reflect on the luminous energy that emanates from some people we know we have been in contact with someone or something very powerful. It’s a sense of a timeless, enriching and generous power that includes and envelopes us. It’s a presence that is both of the person and beyond the person. It’s a light shining from deep within.

When we come across this luminous energy it can sometimes evoke feelings of awe, at other times it may inspire us and put us into contact with our own inner light.

For the truth is that we all have access to this quality of energy. It sits within us, admittedly often obscured by other personality traits and habits, but it’s there nonetheless. As we take time to go inwards and to make contact with our own capacity to love and our fundamental connection with all living things, we can feel a truth and simplicity emerge that is revealing – revealing of our own wisdom, purity of spirit and inner power.

Clearing the way for our inner light to shine is an act of leadership. It enables the quality of our leadership – self-leadership and leadership in contact with others – to be expressed from a more centred and aligned place. It brings to the fore a wisdom and an influence that is simultaneously subtle and impactful. We do this by firstly acknowledging that deeper part of ourselves and then committing ourselves to the inner journey – a journey of service and enlightenment.