Creating Conscious Organisations
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Shall we dare?

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As children we evidently know so little. Our receptiveness to the new, our openness to the world and deeper impressions beyond that is likely at its peak. There’s wonder in almost everything. And if we don’t know something we have a go, stepping in fearlessly.

As facts and knowledge are absorbed into our system and our experience starts to accumulate our vista begins to narrow rather than expand as the new is checked and weighed against our acquired evidence. And our daring becomes at best constrained, at worst non-existent.

Yet in our massively uncertain world we are confronted with the new at every turn. The landscape looks less and less familiar. So it is daring that’s need most, a willingness to draw our knowing from beyond our existing mental library by connecting with a source that’s both deeper and higher – our soul.

That soul connection requires us to switch off the autopilot of conventional knowledge, step out of conventional busy-ness and into a space of quiet reflection, not just when we need answers but as an habitual practice.

It also needs us to exercise patience, allowing answers and ways ahead to emerge. These will likely come through as signs, symbols and impressions rather than the concrete ‘instructions’ on which we normally act. And then we have to make a leap of faith – trusting what has come through, trusting our interpretation and daring to act on this higher wisdom. Shall we risk it?