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Reclaiming the power of imagination

Reclaiming the power of imagination
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Most children spend at least some of their early childhood enjoying periods of what, to an adult, can look like fanciful fantasies…where we imagine all manner of delights and joyful relationships with fairies and imaginary friends in a world where anything is possible, and magic happens…and where good battles evil and usually wins.

That bubble usually bursts at some point and we become embattled in the so-called reality of everyday living letting go of that part of ourselves that creates a loving, joyful and beautiful world.

The time has come to reclaim that part of ourselves and bring it front and centre in our lives not through escapist fantasy but by intentional, daily, here and now living. We are in transition as a humanity and this transition is an opportunity, a portal if you will. It’s an opportunity to imagine all the possibilities of a better life for all, to summon our will and focus and to play our part in creating those possibilities as lived realities.

It starts by daring to dream and then to believe – to believe we are capable of creating a new garden of Eden here on earth, building a world where all realms of nature – animal, plant, mineral, human and cosmic – live in harmony and thrive together.
What if…? How about…? Maybe we could…

Let’s power up the imagination, couple it with courage and determination and choose each and every day to create our new world together.