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Radical fearlessness

Radical fearlessness
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Speaking about the heart or love is so often associated with being mushy and soft and yet in truth the heart is like a warrior with infinite capacity to face any situation however challenging. The heart is where we hold every moment of our lives, every experience, every feeling and emotion whether we deem them good or bad.

The heart doesn’t become a victim or give up, because it is filled with endless love, compassion and joy. It is our mind that creates the barrier and prevents us accessing that limitless resource and quality in our lives. Our mind defines and delineates, includes and excludes, ‘protects’ and dares…yet if we trusted more in the capacity of heart, we would find ourselves filled with courage and openness.

We are all facing times of enormous challenge and change which, depending on your perspective, may be seen as disastrous and overwhelming, or a major stepping stone to a more beautiful and truly loving existence in all areas of life – social, work, community, political, economic and beyond. Anticipating a more loving existence for all doesn’t mean a life filled with ‘Kum Ba Yah’ singing, though, in truth, what’s so wrong with that? A loving existence means more kindness, caring, compassion, understanding, more access to the qualities of the heart and this means the courage to step forward like a warrior and engage with life through the heart.

Committing ourselves to a life of heartfulness is a life of expansion, a life of beauty even in the pain, a life where we fearlessly embrace every moment knowing that our heart will be both our saviour and our ally. Let’s all take up the call of the heart for radical fearlessness…