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Radiating with purpose

Radiating with purpose
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Radiance is often a word we associate with young people or brides…that sense of the light shining in the eyes and the whole face alive as if there is no way to contain the inner power and vitality flowing through that person. We experience their magnetism and it’s almost contagious.

There are other times though when we might witness or experience similar radiation and that’s when we come across people who have a clear and deep sense of their purpose in life. A sense of purpose that isn’t driven from a psychological or personality need or need to prove oneself but from something higher or deeper – more ‘pure’. More that it feels like it comes through from the inside and just has to burst out of the person. Not loud and showy but clear and vibrant.

When we are deeply aligned with our inner mission or purpose, we feel like we are in the right place – almost a feeling of being ‘at home’. Not because living that purpose authentically is necessarily easy or without hurdles but because we can feel the strength that the alignment gives us. It brings a sense of wholeness and a feeling of ‘being on track’ which can be very empowering.

Radiating is about an energy, a transmission without words. It is a powerful form of influence in that it inspires others, it touches them and catalyses something more in them. When we go within and reflect on our purpose we may find it’s very concrete or we may find it’s more abstract or timeless. For me personally, the functions of ‘translation’ and ‘synthesising’ seem to be very much at the heart of my purpose. This can take me in the direction of education and development, working in and with groups as well as translating and synthesising complex ideas.

And I know that when I am in alignment with my purpose and connecting with the world from that place, there is far greater chance of my radiation shining through meaning that the energy and impact I bring to the world is of more value and more likely to support the greater good.

Committing the time to go inwards to hear what your inner voice is wanting to share with you about your purpose is more than a question of personal happiness. It’s about ensuring that we each bring our bright, shining piece of tile to the beautiful, collective mosaic of Humanity.