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Playing our part in the drumbeat of the Universal heart

Playing our part in the drumbeat of the Universal heart
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‘The significance of the word Heart is the significance of life itself as it beats eternally at the very heart of the universe.’ (Tibetan Master)

When we consider the role of the heart in our daily lives, most of us will head for two factors – the physical heart that keeps us alive through its rhythmical and steadfast beating, and affairs of the heart connected with love in all its guises.

Associating the word Heart with ‘the significance of life itself’ in this case then isn’t difficult – of course it gives us physical life and maybe even a proxy emotional life. Taking that idea out more widely though into the beating heart of the universe invites us to consider that all life is sustained by the living universe which also has its own beating heart.

There are many qualities that we can associate with the heart – some are more familiar and explored than others, such as wisdom and courage as well as compassion and sympathy. Some may feel less so such as sacrifice, where the old, transitory and imperfect parts of ourselves are destroyed in favour of a more evolved new. Or service which, in this case, would be defined not as a task, but the manifestation of the quality of service which places our consciousness with others more than ourselves. We could also include qualities such as brotherhood/sisterhood, persistence, patience and humility. These many qualities give us a sense of the incredible power and capacity of the heart.

The vast, expansive capacity and qualities of the heart are evidenced in the Universal life where we see nature and the planet continually adapting and adjusting despite what we rain down on it. It is pure love. This life giving and living heart though can increasingly be seen manifesting every day as many parts of the collective humanity itself, seek to embrace these qualities not only for self-benefit but knowing they bring ‘life’ to others – human, animal and plant.

At the core of all heart qualities is a deep connection with others and a desire to bring our best to ‘life itself’. To be part of a healthy, beating collective heart. So each day as we greet the new day, let’s keep reminding ourselves of the qualities we bring to bear in the collective drumbeat of life.