Creating Conscious Organisations
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Our spark and our flame

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Down the ages we have seen seemingly impossible feats achieved, immense tides turned to flow in a more positive direction, hatred, violence and division move into a space of forgiveness and reconciliation. Lincoln’s abolition of slavery, the defeat of Nazism, the ending of apartheid in South Africa, the peace process in Northern Ireland are just some of the events that long appeared impossible.

What brings such extraordinary events to pass begins with a spark of passion and a wellspring of courage, fuelled by a love of all beings, in the heart of one individual, or the hearts of a few, or even many.

This fiery energy, directed by the soul, enables us to set and share the vision of a better world, to attract fellow servers and, together, to move even the most insurmountable obstacles.

We all have the power to bring real change in our world, whether on a global scale or more locally, by connecting with and cultivating our heartful energy each day. Little by little our heart expands with love for all, its flame burns a little brighter, its courage deepens, and we step forward into the service of building a better world.

As Rumi says: ‘The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.’