Creating Conscious Organisations
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Opening the channel

Opening the channel
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There are those moments in life when we just know. Without any reason or logical context, or even time spent considering. We just know. It might be arriving at a place with a sense of coming home. It may be meeting someone for the first time who feels beyond familiar…a deep connection forged in the moment. It may be a tough decision where the answer seems blindingly obvious to us but no one else and the data is suggesting a different choice.

In these moments we are connecting with our intuition – going beyond the normal realms, touching a wisdom that’s deeper, higher and vaster than the little human condition.

And here our heart’s coming into relationship with that intuition helping us ground its impressions, embrace and integrate them and then providing the courage to act.

In these troubled times we need access to this knowing more than ever, switching off the persistent stream of external data and settling, through quiet reflection and meditation, into our inner calm and serenity. Opening our channel and being open to receiving what comes…the guidance that can help us through uncertainty, move forward when the destination’s unclear and make choices in service of creating a better world.

We just have to suspend the desire for the rational, the evidence, step into the silence, open our heart and listen.