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Moving upstairs

Moving upstairs
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I read recently that Purpose, real purpose is about ‘living our life upstairs’. I liked this way of expressing a sense of purpose because in a simple analogy we can see that in order to connect with true purpose and meaning we have to move; we have to be prepared leave the familiar day to day place that we inhabit.

What gives us purpose and meaning at one stage in our lives and guides us to take our place in the world may become simply a stepping stone to an even more powerful connection.

Even when we have made one move, we will be called upon to make another. It’s the ever-ascending spiral that takes us deeper and ever higher towards new understandings of purpose. For some purpose will be found in family and personal relationships. For others it will be found in a vocation or talent. For others it’s more existential, accessed through the doorway of their soul.

As we open ourselves to increasingly ‘living our life upstairs’ we will not only find broader, more encompassing expressions, we will travel more deeply into the meaning of life and love itself as it is expressed through humanity’s role in planetary existence. As we do so we come into perpetual new relationship with our individual purpose, feeling it paradoxically less well defined and yet imbued with ever more precise meaning.

Leadership calls on us to dare to move upstairs and leave behind the more concrete definitions of purpose as we seek to embody the expression of the highest form of Love we can…love for all life.