Creating Conscious Organisations
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Moving in the world from a place of centeredness

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It’s a full-on world that we inhabit right now. In fact, to be more precise, that we have created. Locating and connecting to one’s inner balance is extremely tough as we are buffeted by global and local challenges and crises.

And yet that inner balance has never been more essential because it’s from there that we radiate our truth and our impact on the world. We find true inner balance when we are connected through our heart because only our heart has the capacity to provide the container where we can immerse ourselves in inner stillness in and amongst the chaos.

In the inner stillness, we are able to find our peace which then radiates outward in our relationships with others meaning that instead of adding to the tension and anxiety around us we energetically, and through our presence, bring a balm that soothes and enables. In connection after connection we activate a subtle peace enabling a greater wisdom to emerge.

Moving out into and through the world from the place of our own inner stillness can be like pouring oil on troubled waters because we can leave others in a better place than we find them. Like a dancer we move with grace and fluidity, navigating the currents from our strong centre point, not only seeking to do no harm but also opening ourselves and others to creative and wise choices.

The effect we can have can be subtle yet profound – almost like faery dust being sprinkled by our very presence.