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Moving from noise to harmony

Moving from noise to harmony
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Depending on your perspective, of course, one of the positives of the pandemic was the quietening it brought to the busy-ness of the world. A turning down of the volume enabling a deeper contact with self.

As we have emerged into the practical aspects of life, being more out there, the volume has risen once more – with more people gathering and moving around, more traffic on terra firma and in the skies.

With the noise and activity we may find ourselves in a world full of distraction, drawing our attention, fragmenting and scattering it. We may see ourselves as ‘victims’ of the noise around us, something we can’t affect. And maybe we’re being less honest with ourselves here, choosing distraction rather than deep connection. Either way we’re losing our power to contribute positively to our world.

Our antidote is found in creating our own silence and stillness, becoming fully present with our self, establishing a deeper and higher connection through a daily practice of meditating into the peace within, touching our soulful essence.

From this space we can move out into the world in balance, able to bring our fullest attention to each moment and each interaction in a way that honours the living field of which we are a part. That honours our relationship with all living things. That knowingly contributes to the sweet harmony of creating a better world rather than adding to the distracting cacophony.