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Making our soul connection

Making our soul connection
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In a difficult world it may seem easier and more prudent to narrow down and protect what we have rather than opening to possibility. The pervasive sense of threat in our world plays on our minds and the rationality of the ego kicks in, often making defensive and limiting choices.

Somehow, we have to put our hearts in charge here. To bring its qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, discernment into service in the world. And that means we must tune out the ego and tune into the voice of our hearts. In doing so we’ll be listening to and guided by the voice of our soul.

How different life would be for us and those we touch in living through our hearts. Expressing our love for all life and embracing its diversity. Making courageous rather than protective choices. Seeking to serve the greater good rather than worrying about our own lot.

Of course we can’t just flick a switch into heartful living or surely we all would. Instead we must practice. We must bring discipline to noticing when our head is in charge and then ask what our heart has to say. We must pay attention to our dis-ease when we’re deciding things…a sign our heart wants us to listen. We must create the space to come into stillness and quiet, connecting with our essence rather than personality.

In doing this work we’re serving our world well – as each of us makes our soul connection stronger we’re building a better world, bit by bit.