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Love will save humanity

Love will save humanity
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When we experience physical attacks on the heart we are of course being reminded that our physical well-being may not be all that it could be. We may have bad habits, lax practices or be taking our body for granted in some way, all of which we can remedy if we choose.

On a metaphysical level though when we experience or hear of people who are suffering on the physical level with the heart, we can also see this as a reminder to consider the larger function of the heart and reflect more deeply on how this is faring. The heart is both a symbolic and actual life-giving organ. The heart moves the life force around the body. On a metaphysical level that life force or energy is love.
So then let’s think about love. Love is widely accepted as a vital part of our collective well-being. If we don’t give and receive love we wither and eventually die. Love will save humanity – it has the power to lift us from the challenges and pains of life to savour the joy and beauty. True joy and beauty are founded on love.

Love for our planet and all living beings will provide the motivation, the life force for the transformations needed in this time of deep crisis.

Committing ourselves to the healthy transmission and reception of love in our lives, our communities, nations and planet is the work of these times. Let us seize every opportunity to act, think and express from love.