Creating Conscious Organisations
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Leading with magnetic energy

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We’ve all experienced this either within ourselves or in/from another…the light-filled, radiatory energy that flows out when someone is deeply aligned with a sense of purpose. The clarity of their communication, the livingness of their ideas and creative expression, the connection that is created with others and others’ ideas and contributions.

As leaders we hope to display some of this magnetic energy not by defining vision and mission statements that only serve as slogans but by the way we inhabit the very essence of purpose – be it personal or organisational.

When we truly align and inhabit a deep sense of purpose it touches everything we do – it is a living fire that guides, directs, engages and includes. It is spacious and inviting whilst simultaneously being focused and directed. The destination, the focus of our purpose is strong, clear and unifying – the means of fulfilling that purpose leaves room for all to play their part if they resonate with its essence too.

Finding a sense of purpose is like connecting to a magnet – it helps us make sense of all that arrives in our lives and helps us to make choices when difficult choices are needed – calling to us those things that are aligned and repelling those that are not.

Leaders who go within to find and connect with a higher purpose are contributing to the service of creating a better world for all – partly because of the role modelling they offer but also because of the magnetic energy they radiate that brings inspiration to many. How are you making use of this energetic impulse in you?