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Infusing life with love

Infusing life with love
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‘We have the choice to use the gift of our life to make the world a better place.’
Jane Goodall

For some of us the search for our unique purpose, beyond simply getting by in life, can take years. For others it is apparent and accessible with relative ease.

Whilst we each express our purpose, once uncovered, in very different ways, at the heart of all is love – like an invisible cord of light that connects every living thing to every other.

It is love characterised by a deep, compassionate respect and positive regards for all life, connecting us to our shared purpose as humanity to act as stewards of our planet in our time here.

Whether we are engaged in big, sweeping actions that bring positive change or have influence on a much smaller and seemingly mundane scale our responsibility is to align what we do each day with that stewardship. To practice the vigilance that ensures our every thought, word and action, is infused with love and contributing to a better world for all, for now and for the generations to come. In doing so we will be fulfilling our noble purpose.