Creating Conscious Organisations
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In the now to secure the future

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We live in a noisy world where so much competes for our attention. Much, of course, does need that attention whether that’s caring for ourselves, our families, those close to us, or the many challenges facing the human family and the planet we call home.

Often, though, our concerns – whether close to home or more community or globally focused – become worry about the future. We may get sucked into state of at least anxiety and at worst deep fear. Yet as Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us: ‘The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion.’

If we spend our time and attention in the future or past, where we can make no difference, we’re absent from right now…the only time and place in which our thoughts, words, actions can have a positive impact.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t focused on the greater good and creating a better world for all. Rather we are holding this aspiration in our awareness at all times whilst doing the deep reflective and meditative work that allows us to bring our fullest attention – our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capabilities aligned – to the moment we are in.

In doing so we are building our capability to make the wisest use of every moment in service of a better world.