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In all heart

In all heart
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‘Wherever you go, go with all your heart’

It’s that time of year when heart imagery is everywhere, symbolising romantic love. Expressing through the heart, living through the heart though is a much deeper endeavour and service than the commercial festival of Valentine’s Day, though, of course, the origins of this festival are far nobler.

Imagine the world we could create if, each day …

We silently and gently radiated love from our heart in every interaction.

We could see through the eyes of the heart and bring its wisdom to the appreciation of all the beauty in our fellow humans and in our world.

We extended compassion and care to ourselves and others, whatever the circumstances.

We attuned through deep reflection to the rhythm of our planet, extending our love in its direction through our actions.

Committing, in heart and soul, to live with love, to approach all we do and all we meet with an open heart will radiate the light and create the harmony our world so needs.