Creating Conscious Organisations
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Imagine the intention to create a better world

Imagine the intention to create a better world
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How often do we litter our conversation with the ‘intention’ word – ‘it is my intention’ we say, or ‘I intend…’ without really having invested in our words or the substance beneath them.

At the simplest level this commonplace phrasing sets up an expectation in ourselves and others and is casually wasteful of the true power and beauty of intention.

For at a higher level our intentions are seeds of possibility, energy willed in a specific direction imbued with love, and trust and faith that those seeds will incubate, grow and bear the right fruit. That fruit may be what we need rather than what we thought we wanted…and therein lies the beauty. For the ‘fruit’ we need, in turn, helps our growth.

So here’s the thing…imagine that each day the seeds we are planting are intentionally focused on living our lives in service of creating a better world for all. We reflect deeply to shape those seeds. We plant them in the universe, letting them incubate in a higher wisdom, staying open to what blooms.

Meanwhile, imagine the positive, service-focused thought forms we invested in these intentions travelling with us each day, guiding our being and doing. As a result, imagine how different, and even more wonderful, our world would be.