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Holding course under the weight of world events

Holding course under the weight of world events
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What do we hold onto in the choppy and extremely fast-flowing waters sweeping through our lives at this time?
With only daily exercise or a weekly shop for variety, life confined to home can feel like stagnation on an epic scale. We’re also looking through a window on a world changing at breakneck speed, and often not for the better. Or at least that’s what we could infer from the doom-laden headlines confronting us daily.

Our anchor, not just in this time but all the time, lies within us, in our soul purpose. Now more than ever we must connect with this purpose. Draw on it to guide us through whatever turbulence we encounter. Listen to its whisper in the choices we make. Work to ensure we are radiating it in all that we do…illuminating our own path and providing a beacon for others.

Holding to our course in this way provides a sense of stability and enables a clarity to see the good that is emerging, the positives arising, despite the struggles we face.

In foggy and gloomy times our soul purpose is both haven and powerful instrument to guide our contribution to creating a better world. Paying it due attention, nurturing its flame and acting in its light are truly acts of service.