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Heartfulness – moving from outbreak to permanence

Heartfulness – moving from outbreak to permanence
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As we recoil in horror at events in Ukraine, we are also reminded of the heart to heart to heart to heart connection of our common humanity. An unbreakable chain that connects and nourishes and offers the greatest hope for our world and its future.

On display in the tragedy, and called into dedicated service, are the deep reservoirs of heartful courage – among those defending their country and way of life. Among those prepared to risk and endure brutal detention in Russia to state their objection – ‘not in my name’ is such a powerful statement in an oppressive climate. Among those crossing the continent to provide aid.

Equally present are the deep reservoirs of kindness and compassion in the heart of our collective humanity. In the donations of money and goods to aid refugees as well as those resisting attack in defence of a nation.

Whole communities, from the highly organised disaster relief charities to the smallest villages coming together to collect funds, clothing, blankets, food, toys to fill an armada of lorries and vans heading for Eastern Europe to provide some small relief.

And we are witnessing compassion on a national scale as neighbouring countries open their borders and, in some cases, homes without equivocation, to floods of refugees.

None of this would happen without the engagement of our heart as it translates our soul-inspired impulse to serve, support, show our love for our fellow human beings in any way we can.

Whatever the outcome of the terrible events now unfolding staying connected with our heart, living through it no matter what comes, is surely the only way we can move forward and ultimately create a better world for the greater good of all.