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Graceful presence in turbulent times

Graceful presence in turbulent times
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We are experiencing a lot of buffeting in these times…buffeting which can disturb our inner equilibrium which in turn can affect how we show up in the world….our Presence.

Maintaining an inner and higher point of focus can help us guard against this buffeting as we dis-identify from the outer effects (things breaking, technology playing up, communication feeling challenged) and see a bigger picture, a higher unfolding, a larger landscape. Buffeting is inevitable in any change and no more so than in global human transformation.

If we can find that point of dis-identification, we can more easily accept that the challenges are simultaneously personal and impersonal, meaning we can both enquire into what they are asking of us and strive to see the deeper patterns that are unfolding within the changes. As we see those deeper patterns we can develop greater understanding and insight enabling us to play our own role in the world even more effectively.

Standing in a place of dis-identification enables us to move in the world with more compassion, more understanding and more grace all of which we might describe as being in presence, a quality which is sorely needed if we are to support the transformations needed for the greater good.