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From resignation to higher action

From resignation to higher action
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We’ve kind of got used to not seeing beyond today or tomorrow given the clouds of uncertainty that persistently hover. With many of our everyday ‘taken for granteds’ being on hold we’ve perhaps all had to get a little better at being in the moment, and living moment to moment.

And as much as we may believe we are better at living in the here and now we may be simply at base camp when it comes to being truly present in, and aware of, the depth and richness of each moment. So, we have work to do.

What we’re reflecting on here is making the shift from resigned acceptance of what is to a deeper, higher, soul-inspired awareness. That surely must be our aspiration now and for the future.

Moving beyond the day-to-day concerns of personality takes work…through deep reflection, through cultivating our inner stillness. In doing so we’re creating an oasis of peace and balance within and a stable base from which to move forward and upward.

In this stilling we are opening a channel to connect with the resources, the higher energies, available to us. And it is from this place of that we can receive the guidance to use these resources wisely, to be in flow with them and to direct them in the joyful service of our fellow humans and building a better world for all – the space of higher action infused by presence.