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Finding our inner magi

Finding our inner magi
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Most of us are most likely focused on Christmas in these weeks and I’m reminded of one of the less focused on aspects of the Christmas season, the arrival of the three Magi bringing gifts to the new-born child, Jesus.

The Magi, or kings as they have become known, were also considered to be wise. Their very presence represented a gift, not in an arrogant way but in the aura and quality of spirit they represented. Their physical gifts were precious and full of symbolism as they conveyed a fraternity and affiliation with a fellow wise person.

The truth is we are all magi and wise people. We all possess within us the qualities of the heart which enable us to love freely and widely and the higher intuition to make wise choices. As we consider how we show up with others, not on camels as the Magi did, but in the quality of our beingness, our presence and open heartedness we bring a precious gift – the gift of our inner magi.

As we travel toward Christmas and the New Year, let us commit ourselves to bringing the gift of our heart filled and wise presence to all.