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Excalibur – the sword of leadership and courage

Excalibur - the sword of leadership and courage
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I’ve long felt a deep connection with the legend of King Arthur, his knights, Merlin and the sword of Excalibur. Like so many legends and folklore one can discover deep and manyfold layers within the characters, the stories and the symbols.

Excalibur for me represents the sword of leadership and courage and the mutual dependency of those two qualities. To be able to draw the sword from the stone we are required to possess core qualities of the heart, qualities that mark us out as leaders not perhaps in the traditional sense but in the beacon sense.

As we open our hearts and make an active choice to live by the sword of love and through our hearts, we open ourselves to a new level of courage, the courage to stand out, to shine brightly, to risk being judged and flawed and yet passionate and inspiring. Our hearts not only connect us with the sentimental and caring aspects of love, they also show us the qualities of aspiration, belief and wisdom that enable us to approach each and every step of life from a place of possibility and hope that we are (all) capable of better.

Camelot was King Arthur’s expression of possibility and hope. In this time in human history we must dare to envision our own Camelot, our own new reality that doesn’t crumble or fall but which goes from strength to strength carved out of humility, love and courage. A Camelot which, fuelled by a new expression of inner leadership, takes us to a reality that is built on strong, heartful values and cooperation.

Are you ready to retrieve your Excalibur?